Skatepark Stožice is the first official public indoor skatepark in Slovenia, nestled beneath the sports stadium in the heart of Ljubljana. This innovative space repurposes part of the underground parking into a dynamic hub for skateboarding and other urban wheel sports. The integration and implementation of the central mezzanine that divides the skatepark into two zones was led by Sadar+Vuga architects.

Initiated in 2021, the project embarked on a long journey of intensive design workshops, collaborating closely with local skateboarding, inline, and BMX clubs/organizations. Navigating diverse user preferences and stringent regulations, particularly regarding fire safety, resulted in a holistic final design.

Constructed predominantly from wood with details of steel, granite, and concrete, Skatepark Stožice prioritizes adaptability, with both flow and street sections featuring movable obstacles and offering endless opportunities for customization and user-driven upgrades. The street section features all core street elements together with a micro-ramp while the flow area features a quarter ramp leading into an open bowl area where the central section can be transformed into a jumpbox.

Stozice skatepark floor plan


Ljubljana, Slovenia


2021 – 2024



(by Bryggeriet & Skate Care)




Sadar+Vuga Architects


City of Ljubljana

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