My practice and scope of services.
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I am an active skateboarder, surfer and freelance architect based in Malmö, Sweden.

Between 2012 and 2017 I studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture (Ljubljana University) in Slovenia.
In 2016 I completed my half-year internship at Janne Saario Landscape Architecture in Helsinki, Finland.
I obtained my master´s degree in 2017 with a dissertation exploring the renovation of an abandoned rice husk factory “Rižarna” into a Youth skate center, focusing on both the public realm and the structure within the factory.

My architectural experience was mainly gained in the practice of Štajn Architects, based in Kamnik, Slovenia.
During 2017 and 2021 I worked for a skatepark design studio Pivotech based in Malmö/Copenhagen.
Since 2021 I run my own architecture practice in Malmö.

Practice & Philosophy

My main field of work is architecture made for or inspired by skateboarding. I work in all scales, from urban planning to public spaces, buildings, and objects. 

Having my roots in DIY skateparks and bottom-up community projects, I continue to support them and other non-profit initiatives. I work with passion, not just for skateboarding but for the people and the environment. Being open-minded, playful, and curious is what keeps me pushing forward.

My practice is based on close collaboration with (landscape) architects, other professionals, and whenever possible, local communities. Knowing their specific needs, I deeply support the engagement of local skateboarders in user-oriented planning and building processes. As a freelancer, I am constantly developing ways in which I can engage with my clients, project partners, and end users. My firm belief is that teamwork and receptiveness deliver the best holistic solutions.

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Scope of services

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I offer services to both public and private sectors by following the “we over me” principle, working together with diverse disciplines and individuals. I have experience in straightforward client-consultant-contractor relationships as well as more integrated and complex project structures.

Dialogue with the client and project partners is the natural point of departure in my work process. Depending on the project’s nature, I can provide single solutions (3D models, technical drawings, visualizations, etc.) or work on a project in its entirety along the way.

Apart from municipalities and spatial planners, I offer services to skatepark construction companies, helping to win the contract award and converting ideas into a set of construction drawings that ensure a smooth onsite process. Last but not least, there are many passionate individuals; skateboarders, and others who are either through organizations or as a group of friends pursuing the dream of having their own dedicated space. Let it be a public skatepark or a DIY, I help build support to achieve their dreams.

Single solutions

Using 3D models has proven essential during the conceptual and planning phases of projects. I can create anything inside clients’ imaginations, trying out different variations to find the perfect design solution. By working in a 3D environment I create precise models that are used for material and cost estimations, visualizations, and final technical drawings.

After the design is finished, I create a set of technical drawings that are needed for the permitting office and other groups that will be involved in the construction of the project. For construction companies, I can prepare a set of assembly and coded drawings. 

Visualizations are critical in order to present ideas to investors, municipalities, end users, and for promotional purposes. They can greatly help to present the vision of the project and show the audience how the project will look in reality. Depending on the project I prepare visualizations in all levels of detail, from simple sketch-like to photo-realistic environments.

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Partners & Clients

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