The new skatepark in Vukovar has a triangular outline with three main lines along the edges. This simple design made sure to have all the classic functions in a relatively small footprint. Although the design is quite simple, it includes unique obstacles and ensures a good flow that would otherwise not be possible in a more classic rectangular or linear outline.

The north edge is designed as a platform with a hubba ledge and a rail that leads to the bank hip. The inner side of the platform has a curved wallie extension and a roll-in into the flaground line along which the future extension of the skatepark is to be planned. The edge on the east side, along the main entrance, consists of a speedbump (with a polejam) and a volcano that connects the park into one unified flow line. The benefit of this design is that all these three main lines can be skated back-to-back separately, thus ensuring more users at once, or being connected in one continuous line.


Doms Architect-Vukovar skatepark-plan


Vukovar, Croatia


2021 –


1st Phase, built




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