The design was led by Pivotech together with the local skateboarders of “Vetlanda skateboardförening” who participated in the design process.

Skatepark in Vetlanda is located in a green park close to the town’s centre and local schools, making it easily accessible for local youth. The skatepark layout is adapted to the site conditions with many existing trees that were wished to be kept and a water well with a unique roof structure. Due to the groundwater levels sitting really close to the existing terrain and the limitations of how much additional load can be placed on the soil, the design of the skatepark had to be lightweight, without huge areas of concrete or deep/high structures. An additional wish came from the local skateboarding association, which wanted a visually and physically separated area dedicated to scooter users and beginners to ensure a safe and dedicated space for all kinds of user groups.

The skatepark area features a street-flow area that is stretched out with arm-like platforms and a bowl. The beginner area features a separated pump-track area that has an integrated micro ramp with a spine.

Vetlanda skatepark featured plan


Vetlanda, Sweden








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