The new skatepark in Sv. Petar is a playful pocket park placed in a recreational area with a lot of other sports activities. Municipalities’ wish was to incorporate a basketball, and while the size of the whole park hinders both activities to be done safely at the same time, it makes the space more diverse and useable for different user groups during different times of the day. Implementing basketball inside the skatepark meant that the skate functions had to be placed along the edges, keeping the middle space open and flat. The original design was planned as a rectangular shape with feature obstacles on both short sides of the skatepark and basic flatground elements along the long edges with some additional speed bumps to ensure the flow.

Once the construction of the park started, the location of the park was changed and moved up a little bit so the outline of the skatepark had to be changed and thus also the features inside the skatepark. Tonbe skateparks which was in charge of the project did great on-site adjustments that were needed in order to make the new layout fully functioning.

Doms Architect-SvPetar skatepark-plan


Sv. Petar u Šumi, Croatia








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