Slavonski Brod

The new skatepark in Slavonski Brod is located right next to an existing old modular skatepark placed on the asphalt surface. The whole project is designed in 3 stages, with the first stage completed in 2021.

The first stage of the skatepark is designed as a back-to-back simple street course with skate-able functions along the edge of the asphalt area. The street course features ledges, rails, a hip bank, and a shifted platform functioning as a manual pad/ledge / two steps. The third phase planned to be built in 2024 features a bowl with three different depths which will be the biggest concrete bowl in Croatia once it is built.

Slavonski Brod skatepark Plan Doms Architect


Slavonski Brod, Croatia


2021 –


Built 2/3 phases




Tonbe Skateparks


Tonbe Skateparks

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