The design was led by Pivotech together with the local skateboarders of “Hela Rättvik Rullar” who participated in the design process.

Rättvik skatepark is located right next to Siljan lake which was both a blessing and also a challenge since there was not much vertical manoeuvring space available due to the skatepark´s site altitude being so close to the water levels. On the other hand, the location couldn´t be more picturesque with the views stretching over the lake from any point of the skatepark. Just a step away from the skatepark is located one of the first vert ramps in Sweden, mostly known by the famous Eurocana summer camp.

The skatepark features a street-flow area and two bowls that are partially separated from the rest of the park with two narrow indents, allowing a cleaner separation of functions and bringing greenery into the skatepark.

Apart from being part of the design process, my main task was to produce all the documentation needed for the construction of the skatepark. Due to the skatepark sitting so close to the groundwater level, a more sophisticated drainage system was needed as well as more detailed planning of the bearing construction layers. This meant that a 3D model of all the underlying layers and the drainage pipes had to be made in order to ensure a fully functioning drainage system, eliminating the risk of damage caused to the skatepark surfaces in case of heavy rain or floods.

Rättvik skatepark featured plan










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