Øster Bjerregrav

The design was led by Pivotech and ENR.

Øster Bjerregrav skatepark is located in a new activity park and represents the most prominent feature. Next to the skatepark is also a parkour area, playground and football fields.

The skatepark is functionally separated into three zones; the street area is designed as a classic skate plaza strip with granite ledges, the flow area with an open bowl that has three different depths and a pump track. The street plaza and flow bowl are connected by a street platform featuring a variety of hubba ledges and a rail. The bowl is attached at a 90 degrees angle and a narrow channel which ensures a more closed bowl feeling as well as minimizes the risk of crashes between the users in the bowl and street plaza. Pumptrack is connected to the bowl platform behind the cradle extension.


Doms Architect-Bjerregrav skatepark-plan


Øster Bjerregrav, Denmark








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