The landscape design was led by KAMOMA landscape architects.

Pumptrack in Knislinge is an addition to the activity park and is aimed to provide active space for the youngest users. Rather than just placing a traditional modular pumptrack we wanted to create a unique and welcoming space with its own identity that would be unified with the surrounding landscape.

Playfulness and greenery were the leading ideas when creating the concept of the pumptrack which resulted in two green islands inside the pumptrack and the use of different ground cover materials to enhance the cognitive experience of the users.

The pumptrack, shaped like a number 8, is divided into a more beginner-friendly asphalt area with mellow bumps where children can learn and enjoy the pumptrack with their parents right next to them. The second area of the pumptrack is made out of in-situ concrete and is slightly more challenging and offers a few more “skatepark” functions; corners, hips and a micro ramp that are aimed at children who would want to learn some tricks. Users can learn basic motoric skills, tricks and among the rest also skatepark ethics that can be carried on into the nearby Glimåkra skatepark which is located just a few minutes away from Knislinge.

Doms Architect-Knislinge pumptrack-plan


Knislinge, Sweden




Finished design






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